Below is a collection of useful documents related to the Mignonette.

1. Hardware
Schematic: mignonette_v1.0-prelim.pdf (schematic)
Note: the schematic has R2 as 100 ohms. It should be 10 ohms.
Board Layout: mignonette_v1.0-pcb750.png (image) and the Eagle files are here.

Bill of Materials (BOM): mignonette_v1.0-easy-bom.txt (text file)

Detailed assembly instructions are here.

2. Software
Source for Munch (with Mignonette Game Library): (source files, zipped)

Note: older version: (source files, zipped)

3. Games
Munch, a game loosely based on Pacman: (hex file, zipped)

4. Contributed Games
A number of people have written their own games for the Mignonette.

Tri2s by Jegge: tri2s-0.06.tar.gz (source files, tar archive, gzip)  NEW!
Working out of Germany, Jegge has skillfully adapted a classic game (take a guess) for the Mignonette. Highly recommended! Now, updated with version 0.06!
Attack by Chris Brookfield: (source files, zipped)
Chris has done a great job on this one! And at age 13, it’s good thing there is no minimum age requirement for game programming. (beware, this game is particularly addicting!!)

Chris is part of Evil Mad Scientist Labs (
Note: you will need a programming dongle to download these games into the Mignonette.

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